Influence and Persuasion: Crash Course Video Summary

For years, psychologists and sociologists have studied why humans buy things, and brands use that research to hack our brains and open our wallets. By using media literacy, we can protect ourselves from buying yet another popular product that we don’t need. Pretty ironic that a social media manager is writing this, huh? You canContinue reading “Influence and Persuasion: Crash Course Video Summary”

Media and Money: Crash Course Video Summary

In this week’s assigned video, we watched Crash Course’s fifth video in their media literacy series, “Media and Money“. The media is a big collection of massive, money-making industries. Understanding how and why the media is produced, the business of it all, is key to the full media literacy picture. Media is made. Every bitContinue reading “Media and Money: Crash Course Video Summary”

Facial Recognition Technology: An Analysis

This week’s assignment was to conduct a mini analysis of a surveillance media or technology. I chose facial recognition, a technology capable of matching a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces, typically employed to authenticate users through ID verifications. It works by pinpointing and measuring facialContinue reading “Facial Recognition Technology: An Analysis”

The Dark(er) Side of Media: Crash Course Video Summary

Throughout the Crash Course media literacy series, viewers have learned the ins-and-outs of persuasive techniques, advertising, and public relations. However, in the tenth video of the series entitled “The Dark(er) Side of Media,” Crash Course focuses on propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation. Public relations is the management of the relationship between the public and a brand.Continue reading “The Dark(er) Side of Media: Crash Course Video Summary”

Media Policy and You: Crash Course Video Summary

This week’s blog summary focuses on technology and the law. This relationship is made particularly difficult because technology is always changing and developing, laws and regulations are forced to constantly try to catch up. Before the internet, there were three pillars of Intellectual Property in everyday media: Copyright, Fair Use, and Public Domain. Copyright givesContinue reading “Media Policy and You: Crash Course Video Summary”

Media Ownership: Crash Course Video Summary

In today’s world, there are so many deals and bundles and acquisitions to watch for. For example, I have the Spotify student bundle, so for $5 a month I get access to Spotify premium, Hulu, and SHOWTIME. I also have my phone plan with Verizon, so I got a free Disney+ subscription for an entireContinue reading “Media Ownership: Crash Course Video Summary”