Pushing RMC Forward with Social Media: An Interview with Grace Schroeder

Grace Schroeder, the Communications and Social Media Coordinator at my college, has been kindly helping me with my directed study for this semester. All of her advice has been so insightful and I really enjoyed interviewing her on her position and the responsibilities that come with it. This article was originally published in The Summit,Continue reading “Pushing RMC Forward with Social Media: An Interview with Grace Schroeder”

Social Media Analytics

Analytics is one of the biggest buzz words in the social media community right now. To new social media managers, it’s a lot to understand (especially because there’s a reason I’m in social media and not math), but don’t worry! The platforms do all the math stuff for you and all you have to doContinue reading “Social Media Analytics”

Tactical Planning and Execution

Although this may seem like a plot straight out of a Mission Impossible movie, I promise tactical planning and strategy are super easy to understand. This goes hand-in-hand with my last blog post; tactical planning just brings the social media marketing strategy to life. In her book, Tuten (2021) sought to explain the process forContinue reading “Tactical Planning and Execution”

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Although it’s tempting to just follow our instincts and wing it, there’s tremendous value in developing a social media marketing strategy. After all, dumb luck and sweat only get you so far. Not only will planning ensure that an organization understand its markets and competitors, but it helps to ensure that organizations are aware ofContinue reading “Social Media Marketing Strategy”

Social Networks

Have you ever heard of the Oracle of Bacon? Also called the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, it’s a game where someone chooses a random actor and then connects them to another actor via a movie both actors have appeared in together, and repeat the process to find the shortest path that leads to KevinContinue reading “Social Networks”

Social Consumers

According to Tuten (2021) on page 60:  92% of social media users have posted their real name to the profiles they use 91% have posted a selfie 82% have posted their birth date 71% have posted the name of the school they currently attend 71% have posted the name of the town in which theyContinue reading “Social Consumers”

Foundations of Social Media Marketing

The average internet user has an account on eight different social media platforms and spends more than two hours a day on social media (Tuten, 2021, p. 5). While that number may seem shocking, social media are used for a wide variety of things, such as entertaining yourself and your friends, finding people you usedContinue reading “Foundations of Social Media Marketing”

Welcome to Price Media

Hello! I’m Jordan Price, the owner and founder of Price Media. I’ve previously blogged as a ghostwriter for Shelby Jo Long Coaching; however, this is actually my first time blogging for myself. I’m currently in my senior year of college as a Communication Studies major, and have taken the initiative to design, along with myContinue reading “Welcome to Price Media”