I’m Jordan Price, the owner and founder of Price Media.

Storytelling through a variety of mediums is my passion. Whether it’s through a video, a photograph, a post, or a written statement, expressing myself and crafting a personal brand is something I’ve fallen into love with.

I got my start as a Communications Manager at Shelby Jo Long Coaching in Billings, Montana where I managed the brand’s unique online community across various social media platforms.

In addition, I’ve been working as a ghostwriter and content creator for Strategic Advisor Board, a company composed of ten CEOs and several referral partners that will help you grow and scale your company.

I dream of working with clients spanning all industries possible. I believe in collaboration over competition and truly want to celebrate the wins of the entrepreneurs I work with.

Let’s work together to create your fantasy business. Contact me here.


Combining creative, fresh content with tried and true social media strategies, I help entrepreneurs like you to build your audience and develop your brand.

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