Pushing RMC Forward with Social Media: An Interview with Grace Schroeder

Grace Schroeder, the Communications and Social Media Coordinator at my college, has been kindly helping me with my directed study for this semester. All of her advice has been so insightful and I really enjoyed interviewing her on her position and the responsibilities that come with it.

This article was originally published in The Summit, the student newspaper for my college. You can view the article here.

If you follow Rocky Mountain College on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter, then you’re familiar with the work of Grace Schroeder. As RMC’s Communications and Social Media Coordinator, Schroeder is busy with her position, which she has held since August of 2020. The native Wisconsinite schedules tweets, posts, and interacts with our online community in real-time. 

If you are wondering how she got into her current position, and how Schroeder is getting herself ready for the next stage of her career, read on.

Her Starting Point

“Social media work came naturally to me, and there is a high demand in almost all businesses. Since the pandemic, the need has only grown,” said Schroeder. 

Schroeder graduated from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota in the spring of 2020. She received a  mass communications degree in public relations/strategic communications with a minor in marketing. While a student, Schroeder completed internships as a public relations specialist, multimedia specialist, and marketing coordinator. 

“With my degree, I graduated with the knowledge to create engaging campaigns, network with individuals who could share their story, and execute plans with careful attention to detail. With those skills, I was able to hit the ground running and initiate communication growth within the Rocky community,”  Schroeder said. 

Schroeder wanted to travel from her home state of Wisconsin and experience a different part of the United States. She applied to her current position at RMC, and when her plane to Billings flew over the town and landed on top of the Rims, she fell in love with the city.. 

“Rocky Mountain College is in a great location with a welcoming community and interesting history. It would have been weird for me not to accept an opportunity to work here!” Schroeder said.

Her Work at RMC

As the Communications and Social Media Coordinator at RMC, Schroeder’s responsibility is to represent the college through multimedia and to assist with any and all marketing-related efforts. Her main goal is to let the public and community know what is going on and what opportunities are available at RMC. Her secondary goal is to connect all areas of the campus with digital marketing resources and to unify messaging. 

“I get to provide information to the public that helps them pursue higher education, their career, and their personal growth. I wish I would have had the resources Rocky has now when I was 17 and trying to decide on a college,”  Schroeder said. 

RMC’s social media pages are a constant source of information. From tips for how to apply for the FAFSA to information on the  Fall Preview Day and scheduling an individualized visit, Schroeder shares information, including stories of current and past students, ways to get involved on campus, and campus updates. Schroeder is always sharing the impact of RMC. 

While Montana weather sometimes makes Schroeder want to hide under the sheets, working at RMC gets Schroeder excited to jump out of bed every morning. 

“I get the excitement of accomplishment and social interactions! Also, it’s not related to the work I do, but I love to see how beautiful campus is with the bunnies and deer roaming around,” Schroeder said. “Nothing really makes me want to hide under the sheets unless it is winter and I have to drive to campus in a blizzard.”

Currently, Schroeder is collaborating with the various departments on campus to create a larger awareness of the opportunities RMC offers. By personally connecting with department heads, Schroeder gives students a more intimate knowledge of academic possibilities, more than other schools. 

Social Media and Its Significance

“Any form of digital marketing or content creation is often seen as less than because the product isn’t tangible,”   Schroeder said. “This leads to an incorrect assumption that my work is ‘easy’ or ‘not a real job’. When, in reality, my work is needed to have a successful institution and achieve tangible results.”

Despite this misconception, Schroeder offers a unique view of RMC for prospective students researching colleges. By using social media, prospective students can get an unofficial, student view of a university, which they would not be able to find on official university web pages. RMC’s social media pages give a personal, friendly experience of what everyday life is like at our college. 

“[Social media] allows two-way communication and fast research. Social media can be used as an initial filter for a college search,” Schroeder said. “It provides a sense of community on and off-campus. It also provides valuable information to participate/be updated on important events.” 

Pushing RMC Forward

Through social media, Schroeder is creating a digital community at RMC. By being consistent and following through on the platforms used by the college, the impact of RMC can be shared through the stories of its community. 

“Rocky is known for their sense of community and individualized experiences, so I am assisting to transfer that legacy into digital formats,” Schroeder said. “I am promoting awareness of these new digital opportunities through multimedia.”

Schroeder considers herself successful by the amount of positive impact someone or something has on herself or others. Seeing thoughtful comments, shares with stories as a student, or tags of current and past students enjoying activities at RMC always brightens her day. 

What can The Summit readers expect from Schroeder in the future?

“You can expect me to be a resource for all things marketing and communications at Rocky Mountain College,”  Schroeder said. 

If you’re not engaging with Rocky’s social media already, make sure you’re following RMC on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest college news! 

Grace Schroeder, Communications and Social Media Coordinator at Rocky Mountain College

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